The Difference between You & I, and this Big Hot Mess of a World is…

The world is a big hot mess. But it always has been. There has always been fighting. Ignorance. Hopelessness. There has always been problems, famine and death.

But there has also been Hope. There has also been courageous people who stood up against the odds and made differences in people’s lives and futures. There always will be. None of this will change.

The difference between the both, is you….


Doing the right thing has power-Laura Linney

and I, and doing the right thing.

Every day we have choices to do what is right or wrong. To be hopeful and pursue our passions, or die inside of hopelessness with no end in sight to our hardships. Every-single-thing we pursue in our lives leaves an impact.

We can choose to let our hardships kill us inside, or help us grow. Hard times are not a testament to our character, because hard times have always been around. They can help us become stronger if we keep moving forward, no matter how painful. We can choose to be better people and do what is right, or be bitter and miserable, and make those around us miserable too. Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at

“Doing the right thing has power”-Laura LinneyID-100176697

The difference between growing (being better) and dying (being bitter), is you and I.

You look at yourself. I look at myself. Each person takes honest inventory of our pursuits, our passions, our failures, and our mistakes. What drives you? What hopes and aspirations do you seek? Are they good? Are they bad? What are your intentions in this crazy world? Image courtesy of tiverylucky at

“Courage is facing your hearts greatest nightmare and doing the right thing anyway.”-Tim Keller

The world is a big hot mess, it always has been, nothing has changed.

The big difference in this world are people who make it better by grasping hope, doing what is right, and encouraging others when they feel hopelessness is the only alternative.




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