Does your Employer have the Sink or Swim Mentality?

There’s really no way to be nice about this, now is there? I can try to be nice about it, but truth is sharper than any two edged sword. The truth is employees are ID-100234952not stupid and they know when their employer has tossed them in a seven foot pool with nothing to keep them afloat but sheer determination to not drown.

Welcome to Corporate America, where they send you for a 30 day training, shoving handbooks down your throats until your eyes bleed fine print, regulations and procedures that annoy you. Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at

When you get out on the floor doing whatever it is your supposed to be doing is when it hits you. “This wasn’t taught in training!” But you’re supposed to remember it and your supervisor will expect you to know this.

There it is. A hard truth. You may have a supervisor, but it is highly unlikely the company who took a chance and hired you is going to spend the money it takes to have an expert shadow you and train you to be the next expert on that job. In fact if your class hired for training is fifteen people, statistics are high over half will quit, and half of the other half left alive will get fired.

On the contrary, it is highly likely they will expect you to remember every single thing you heard in training (Let’s not forget that role playing!) Oh the role playing! Let’s all pretend to be stars, shall we?

If I wanted to be a shining star I would have pursued an acting career. ID-100297335

So there you are, carving out a meager living in corporate america pushing the eight to five grind with reports carved on our asses with every mistake or confused step we take. Dealing with reports, system issues and customers who think you are a revolving door and how dare you have to pee or eat lunch! You are a robot after all and should be there when the customer walks in, no matter what. Image courtesy of dan at

But we are not robots.

At the end of the day, with that deer in the headlight look of: “What am I doing with my ID-100365512life? Is this it?” We continue on, staying afloat in a pool deep enough to drown us, but our perseverance keeps us alive. Sometimes we need an incentive to keep going, and a break. Image courtesy of nenetus at

So if you are in this gut wrenching frustration of a job, I encourage you to take each moment at work with a deep breath, thankful for what you have, and persevere to keep looking for something better. And believe it or not, there are awesome stories of employees who became trail blazers for change in their corporations too.

ID-100371635When you get home, fix a cup of coffee and write down the pro’s and con’s of your job/employer. Then I want you to write down your goals and a step-by-step plan to reach your goals. Be honest with yourself. If you’re not happy now, you need to evaluate yourself honestly: Is it you? Or is it your employer?

Are you complaining and just not happy with what you are doing? If you realize that is it, then you should really look at a career change. But if you discover it’s your employer that is the problem, then you must act. Image courtesy of tiramisustudio at

A good employee doesn’t settle, a good employee who has the guts to persevere over that deep pool that could drown them will keep their eyes out for better opportunities that won’t require so much just to sink or swim.





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