Before Burnout gets you, do this…

Stop what you are doing.

You know that frustration, don’t you? The one where if you have to take another call or look another customer in the face you will scream? The nostril-flaring, eye glaring deep breathing type of frustration that if only you could win that million dollar lottery you would prance out of that office and never look back? ID-100372752

Yea, that one.

Stop what you are doing before you burnout and make a wrong choice, and take a breath, and just be…


Life is not easy, and jobs are not perfect. People are flawed in many ways, but that doesn’t make humans less important.

It just means we need a moment’s peace to be ourselves, maybe in the silence of our beds, closing our eyes and breathing in the deep aroma of our favorite coffee.

Stop what you are doing, and just be….



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