In this Age when People Claim to be Experts, What is True Entrepreneurship?

Passion, Risk and Strong Networking Skills are a small fraction that defines a true Entrepreneur.

On the other end of the business venture spectrum, you may see some Fickle boredom. Every year people claim to become experts at a venture and hype what they are doing (or plan on doing) until it looks like they are making a career out of it but are they really entrepreneurs? Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at FreeDigitalPhotos.netID-100402411

They have become so good at claiming different levels of expertise they make you question business development in ways that leave you confused. The so called professed entrepreneur has flip flopped on so many different endeavors and never stayed on track with any one goal or venture.

All the sudden they aren’t doing their endeavor anymore but since then may be pursuing something else. They are a master (know it all) of everything they do, yet they are an expert at NOTHING. On their Linkedin profiles, or facebook pages they advertise themselves as experts of everything just because they did it for a few months then got bored because they didn’t get rich quick or make enough money to gloat about that either.

ID-100251535Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Part of being an entrepreneur means you create something with passion to help fill a void in others lives. Your passion drives you to succeed with whatever risks it takes to make your dream work.

Entrepreneurs pursue an endeavor until they master it. They become experts at their endeavor, bringing something of value to the lives of people. You don’t become an expert in thirty days. A CNA doesn’t claim to be a doctor do they? An author who is not selling books can’t claim to be a bestselling writer either. It takes time to make an endeavor succeed and claim to be an expert. Image courtesy of sumetho at

Being an expert means you have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. But this day and age with social media everyone can claim to be an expert, right? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netID-100271285

When I was growing up experts were considered a person who had mastered a specific field of study and had earned their stripes. Even thirty years into their respective fields of study, they were still learning. True experts continue to hone their skills in areas of study they mastered in. They don’t go from one thing to another every few months and then claim to be experts.

Flip flopping endeavors means one of two things: Ingrained passions so driven with creativeness, or Get rich quick dreams.

Sorry, you can’t make that million dollars in thirty days selling that product. Oh, but wait! If you get three people to sign up under you, and they get three, and so on then you can make it! Actually, that is a pyramid scheme.

With true entrepreneurship, anything worth doing is worth doing well and not quitting. During the course of years, if you know people, you see patterns and traits.

Patterns from a person who flips flops every year or less on an endeavor tells me they are bored. Maybe they don’t know what they want. However, if they are a meticulous creative many new endeavors will excite them! These type of entrepreneurs will step out to pursue more than one venture and confuse family members to where they may ask: “What do you do for a living again?”  ID-10023518

Fickle boredom on the other hand, is like that housewife who one day is going to open a bakery in her home, then a month later a daycare, then after that she does something else. She flip flops. She doesn’t endure. But yet she can say she is an expert online because she has done so many different endeavors! Image courtesy of Idea go at

Entrepreneurs don’t give up. They push forward. They exhaust themselves into oblivion pursuing a dream, a goal they cannot give up on. They persevere. If their desire is to pursue a different endeavor every few months with no success because they are bored, they would not be classified as entrepreneurs, they would, in fact be bankrupt.










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