Finding your Happy Place when Life Drama is Overwhelming

We all have one. ID-100388026

That happy place we go when life is too much. When people get on your nerves. When you want to tell the company you work for to shove it and show them where to put it. Image courtesy of kancp26 at FreeDigitalPhotos.netID-100496518

Every person needs a break. A time out. Silence. Image courtesy of Maxim Weise at

Our minds are not wired to go 24-7 to deal with people drama. Let’s face it, people get on our nerves. The problems, the complaints the ignorance!

Even customers need a break from the drama they cause on a daily basis to store clerks and customer service representatives. And those employees need a dang break from the company they work for that is causing all the issues they have to deal with. Just saying.

We have to take time for ourselves to unwind and recoup from day to day life drama.

ID-100342022If you can’t escape away from humans, then try to make a place in your home that is an escape for you. In fact, scenic pictures and soothing colors have been proven to calm the soul and lower blood pressure. Image courtesy of satit_srihin at

So, here are some beautiful scenic pictures for you to ponder on to help take your mind off of your stressful day.  The day will end and tomorrow brings a new day. Make sure you are taking the time to go to your happy place daily, even if it is in your mind by reading a book or just admiring beautiful art. Image courtesy of digidreamgrafix at



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