The Monotonous Grind of Work Life Balance

I know Writers who maintain full time jobs. We have all read and heard the stories of the hours and research put in of writing a book. The editing, proofreading, tearing it all out and starting over is just the beginning! The real work begins with a marketing plan to give our product attention, to hopefully make an impact and maybe even a few bucks. Right? ID-100481852

I also work aside Business Professionals who have two jobs, while finishing up their college degree. And these amazing people have families! Image courtesy of tiniroma at

Luckily, our local Supermarket offers grocery delivery and all you have to do is order and pay online. Wow. You can also pre-order prescriptions online then pick up later. The list is endless of the ways businesses offer us services just because we don’t have the time.

ID-100458570And we ask ourselves how did these offers even get put on the table? It came to be because people work and have too busy of lives and no time to go grocery shopping. No time to pack a lunch. No time to sit and have breakfast or wake up with coffee in bed before they hurdle themselves out the door to work. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Work life balance is a struggle by the end of the day when we plop in bed and think: “I didn’t get to have silent time, cuddle to my kids or read a story, or have a conversation with my better half about my day or his/hers, and now I have to get some sleep before I do it all over again in the morning.”

It’s a never ending vicious cycle if we don’t put a stop to it.

How do we put a stop on living daily when it takes a toll on our emotions, health, marriages and raising kids?

I can tell you when you are faced with this predicament YOU have to be the one who changes it.

You can say NO. If it is volunteer overtime you can say NO. If it is mandatory overtime and you aren’t quitting your job then you have to find a way to bridge that divide for a while ID-100353508and protect your sanity at the same time. Sometimes life requires you to do hard things even when your body and mind doesn’t or can’t do it. That’s life. Image courtesy of nenetus at

But you can take inventory in your mind even while driving to work on what things or chores or worries you have, you may be able to say NO for a while to take time for yourself.

Life can be a challenging emotional mess. It’s up to us to take our own inventory of our everyday lives and see what small changes we can do to keep it less hectic. ID-10053841

Our minds and bodies respond in miraculous ways screaming at us when we need better work life balance.

How is yours trying to get your attention?

Are you willing to take inventory and look at your work life balance? Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

It’s okay to curl up on the couch with a lap throw, a good book and coffee or just watch television.

It’s okay to turn your phone off and lock your doors. Sometimes we get so busy with trying to make a living and take care of everyone we put ourselves on the back burner then reap the consequences when we become sick or burnt out.

Don’t let that happen. Stop and think about what you are doing on a daily basis and start taking some time to unwind. Life is too short to not have balance. ID-100248656

Now if you will excuse me, I use my silent time to write and enjoy Coffee.

How are you going to unwind today?

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat at





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