The Nightmare side of Customer Service

No one wakes up and says: “I’m going to be the best Customer Service Representative in the World someday!” And if you have or know someone who did…OMG. id-10089374

Gut wrenching pains of catastrophic horrors can not describe the gravity of this type of job.

Not only do you get to listen and see life altering horror stories from different people on a minute by minute basis, but you are catapulted into the customers dramatic, emotional and painful experiences. You you must be empathetic, listen and smile while doing your job. Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

Customer Service Reps are a whole different breed of people.

The ones who excel at this type of work can switch their brains into an overdrive of empathetic psychology and a level of professionalism that would drive Jekyll and Hyde into an oblivious stupor.

Been cursed at and called dirty words before? Yea. So have Customer Service Reps, who just try to do their jobs. They take a deep breath, listen to the rant and rave from the customer and find a solution while ignoring being name called and disrespected just for being what they are: a Customer Service Representative.

Customer Service is one of the hardest jobs in the Corporate arena.

id-100446977You hear heartbreaking sob stories, painful money losses, and must find solutions for the customers who desperately need a chance, hope and serious help.

Good Customer Service Reps ask open ended questions with an empathetic manner, all the while tuning the world out to focus on the needs of that one customer, using multiple systems at the tips of their fingers to find solutions. Image courtesy of tuelekza at

I don’t know of one person who ever dreamed of being a Customer Service Representative, but I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the industry, and learned the ropes to assist the customers. id-100296777

I also know that you, the Customer, your stories haunt us.

Your circumstances haunt us when you call crying, needing help, and have lost a loved one. A job loss. Maybe fixing to lose your home and not a clue how to get out of the mess you are in, your stories follow us forever. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Your hardships, your cursing, your attitudes, maybe your denial; everything you do as a customer or say does follow us.

Those of you who have cancer and are fighting to keep your mortgage payments up and have lost hope, we remember you. Those of you who have given up because of the burden of divorce, the legal fees taking your livelihood, your story hurts because unless we have personally been through it, we wouldn’t know what to do if it was us in your shoes either.

And those of you who have every right to be angry with the company we work for, we are forced to find that divide of professionally assisting you, all the while swallowing down hard truths about the pain you have experienced from the company (Our employer) who has done you wrong. If there is any ounce of Integrity in us: that bothers us.

But we still have to do our jobs for you, the customer. And sometimeid-100217522s all we can give is a small measure of hope or a word of encouragement to you, the customer, to keep going and not giving up.

Customer Service Reps are expected to uphold a higher standard of attitude, empathy and professionalism, even at times the customers curse and slam the phones down in their ears. Image courtesy of nuchylee at

I guess in life if we could all put the shoe on the other foot, and ponder what we would do if it was us in those hardships…would the world be a different place?






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