Is your Business Closed to Business?

I’m going to say the big, down low dirty word here: Cold Calling.

If you are a business to business professional, the best way to get in the door to a decision maker is to have a one on one conversation by phone first to introduce yourself, your company and what you offer.

If you like what you hear, then why wouldn’t you assess the needs of your company right then and there and see a need for that service and make an appointment to meet the cold caller face to face?


How does your business grow? By referrals? How about those mass emails you get by the hundreds trying to sell you some service? I bet you just savor the moment every morning as you sit in your chair with your coffee excitingly scrolling through those mass emails. Or better yet maybe you have a stack of flyers or one sheet presentations or proposals from business sales people piling up on the corner of your desk.  Image courtesy of stockimages at

I can’t tell you the times cold caller’s for business development have not only had the phone slammed in their ear but a rude, snarky secretary or marketing executive say: “We don’t need anything. We aren’t looking at anything right now.”

Often they don’t give you a chance to ask for a follow up call in 6 months or a year at all.

They don’t need to grow their business. They don’t want to hear what you have that may benefit their company, even years down the road.

They are closed to business.

id-10076369Business is a tricky business. You can have a major client that is ringing in the dough…for now. You may have several BIG clients that you have serviced for years…for now. Image courtesy of Ambro at

But a lot of businesses don’t look at a bigger picture. What have you got in the pipeline next year? What about a 5 to 10 year opportunity to grow more clients? Are you willing to look at that, or living in the here and now syndrome a lot of business owners dwell in today.

Marketing is a great example. It takes months, even years to put together a rock solid marketing plan with players involved to make the team flow like a finely tuned instrument. There will be delays, unexpected set backs and expenses, but it all ends up the same: You develop a strategy to succeed years down the road that lead to more sales, more business, more contacts and opportunities.

Cold calling is not dead. It is a great opportunity to hear a voice on the other end of the phone, and honestly evaluate your company and where you want your company to go, even if it means pulling the trigger in 6 months, or 2 years.




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