How YOU Influence others to be Leaders and not even know it

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”-John Quincy Adams id-10080829

There is a famous line in Corporate America the employees hear on a daily basis: “Everyone is a leader!”

I had to do some heavy research on this mentality, and I have to admit at first, I was questioning why Corporate America would keep preaching this as clearly, not everyone is meant to lead.  (Image courtesy of Ventrilock at

I mean, after all, shouldn’t a CEO be trained in leadership and proven to possess the integrity, quality and proven track record to hold the position? Oops. Apparently not, look at the lawsuits and disgraced CEO’s in the news. I rest my case.

Or did I?

The very definition of “leader” itself clearly states: The person who leads or commands a group, organization, company or country. (If you Google: Leader, it will pop up tons of definitions. This one came from Merriam-Webster, by the way).

So with that definition of the very term: Leader, I can clearly state NOT everyone is meant to be a leader.


id-10086146The very actions or purpose of a job denotes leadership because you are the one entrusted to do that very action/job. Right? Even loading hot pockets on an assembly line elbow to elbow with co-workers shows a type of leadership skill, right? (Image courtesy of Master isolated images at

Taking initiative to work hard and learn to be a better employee shows a type of leadership in itself most corporations are looking for. However, NOT taking initiative to do better may just mean you aren’t cut out for that particular job based on who you really are, and how you process knowledge. It doesn’t make you less of a leader, although it may make you less of a leader in the eyes of the company you are working for that you really don’t like anyway. (Or maybe just plum lazy, in which case you will eventually get fired.)

It has nothing to do with who you are, if you aren’t happy doing what you are doing, chances are you aren’t going to shine like a leader in the company because your work performance will show you aren’t that happy there. It’s common sense.

You are entrusted to do an action for a length of time and expected to perform to meet your employer’s expectations. For example, a call center representative usually does not have a manager breathing behind their back watching them the whole shift. As a call center employee, you are expected to do your job independently and knowledgeably to meet the customers needs on the other end of that line.

It denotes a sense of leadership in the fact you were trained to meet the needs of the customers, instilled with the knowledge of how to independently use multi-systems to answer questions, do research and fulfill obligations for your employer.

id-100133362That makes you a leader.

Taking initiative in bettering yourself, and helping others around you…makes you a leader. It doesn’t matter if you are a 7-11 store clerk, a mall door attendant, or a Wal-Mart cashier.

If you are taking the initiative to do your job, and learning to be better every day, inspiring others around you to be better, then you are a leader.

Everyone is different. Like the picture of the different umbrellas, we all have different jobs, responsibilities and purposes in life. That doesn’t make us less important, it just means that if we chose to use our lives to help others we are still leaders. (Image courtesy of Aduldej at








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