Coffee: The BANNED & Comedic History of Mankind’s dumbest choices

First off, it is that time of week again where I sing the wondrous praises of COFFEE! id-100481291

On a disturbing, yet demented note: Did you know real human beings Banned Coffee?

Here is the list of Shame of the countries who sacrificed caffeine: You can Google: was coffee ever banned? You will be surprised. (Image courtesty of Aduldej at

id-100474492Mecca banned it because it stimulated radical thinking. What was wrong with this mentality, we may ask? I have to say that is the equivalent to the Disney movie: Beauty & Beast, where Gaston made a comment about Belle reading, stating: “Soon women get ideas, and start thinking…” I think the ones banning it should have tried an Espresso. That would have changed their reasoning. (Image courtesy of nalinratphi at

Italy labeled coffee satanic. (Insert your mental thoughts of me doing a head slap) I wonder, did they employ exorcists to prove Coffee needed exorcised? How many people were possessed with caffeine? Did their heads pop off and did they levitate? Just wondering.

Constantinople banned it and gave penalties and beatings. I bet when the wife got up in the mornings the husband asked her: “How bad do you want it? You know last week you got ten stripes.” I bet the wife replied: “I will take the beating! These kids are driving me nuts!”

And then there is Sweden. Oh Sweden. In prison, they forced murderers to drink tons of coffee to see how fast it would kill them. I wonder somewhere in history if there is a war story of a mass revolt due to the caffeine high.

Prussia. They banned it because beer was more important, and Coffee was ruining the beer industry. How can there be any comparison? I just don’t get it. Beer or Coffee? Did they drink beer for breakfast with their bagels?  id-100518104

Can you imagine the horrific sludge’s of terror that would accompany such catastrophic choice if it were ever to be enacted? There would be a whole uprising of caffeinated parent’s and Corporate America office junkies prepared to die. (Image courtesy of Chai25182518 at

This day and age, Coffee isn’t just good, it’s now been Scientifically proven to be good for you. You can Google: The healthy effects of Coffee…


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