What Life Really is Made of

Where I work there are reports. If you make an error you end up on a report. The people who check the errors end up on reports if they don’t check the errors right. The reports have reports for people who do the reports.

Get it? There’s no escape! There is nothing but an endless vicious cycle of never ending reports for the reports and even then…there are reports.

You know what life is really made of, don’t you? (Image courtesy of njaj at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


A vapor. A vapor is a substance that is diffused and suspended in the air. Vapors blow away in the wind. And guess what? The wind changes on a second by second basis.

How does that make you feel? To know that in a second, the wind is changing, and you are a vapor suspended in air? Here today, gone tomorrow.

Life is a vapor.

No person ever said on their death bed: “Oh boy I sure wish I had checked those reports better!” Or how about: “Oh Lord how I wished I could have joined another March, donated more money and fought harder for my cause!”

No. You know what people think on their death bed?

They think: “I am really dying. I am done. This is it. What will my family think of me when I am gone? What have I left behind?” I know this, because I have held the hands of the dying. I worked at a nursing home for years, I saw death sometimes on a daily basis.

Those wonderful people weren’t worried about Marches, Politics, Speeches. They just wanted one more vapor to say bye to their loved ones. That’s it. id-100388134

Life is a vapor. It’s here today, gone tomorrow. That’s it. The deathbed is a very lonely place, and then you die. But what you leave behind your life is what makes the vapor you were given meaningful.

We should all live life as if our vapors are a moment of hope, peace and empathy. Not vulgarity filled marches, threats or complaints. (Image courtesy of alex_ugalek at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

What type of short life vapor are you leaving behind? Remember, a vapor is suspended in air, and we all know how drastic air can change within a moment. Given this truth about life, should make us all make choices that encourage people, leaving a legacy from our vapor that is meaningful.




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