How Perseverance shapes every New Year’s Resolutions

Have you heard this saying: A River cuts through rock because of its perseverance, not because of its power? 2016 is gone, and here it is another year, another day of endless new year’s resolution posts and checklists, ideas, and how-to articles.

I have my list. Last year I had a list too. But guess what? Life threw me some doozy curve balls and my list did not get any shorter. In fact, this year, it is longer. Next year it may be longer than ever, but one truth I do know: New Years Resolutions don’t mean a dang thing if there is no initiative to accomplish

(Image courtesy of adamr at In fact, with a constant steady drip of water, rock can be carved and holed out. The trick is to be steady, constant, and always moving to accomplish something.

You can make a list and believe you are really going to do something this year; until life hits you dead on and that list gets lost in the shuffle and builds up dust.

If hope gives you something to believe in, then New Years Resolutions are like standing in a tunnel looking into the light, waiting for a train to hit you head on. I say that because sometimes in life we let a new year and the media determine what we should be working on instead of what we really need to be focusing on.

Everything accomplished in life requires a steady drip of perseverance. To lose weight you have to continually eat healthy and exercise. id-100365161-1

Its a steady endeavor. To publish a book you need to study the art of writing, editing, proofreading and design and marketing. There are steps to everything. (Image courtesy of adamr at

How about instead of making a list of new years resolutions we focus on just one thing: learning perseverance, which is being steadfast is doing something despite hardships or difficulty.

“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.”-Thomas Fowell Buxton.

I still have my list from last year. This year I have a new one too. Even though life throws us all curve balls, a lesson in steady perseverance can help in checking off those hopeful goals you have on that list. Can you try it? (Image courtesy of surasakiStock at



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