Practice shots of life

“An Inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he’s in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots.”-Charles F. Kettering.


You will hear and experience thousands upon thousands of times in your life many many things.

Whatever it is you face in life, one thing is true: Life is nothing more than practice shots of every single thing we are meant to do, be or learn until the day we die. Image courtesy of tuelekza at  And those practice shots are meant to influence and encourage others, or can be used to tear them down and hurt people.


Every single day, I drive the Interstate to and from work. I see people tailgate, swerve, pop the finger and honk the horn as if the only thing that matters in life is them getting from point A to point B.

I would hate to be on the end of point B if they treat their families or spouse the way they drive. I pass wrecks daily too, with some pile-ups of three or more vehicles. Some of them result in deaths and some people standing on the side of the road waiting for the police to arrive. Image courtesy of digidreamgrafix at 

If you really pay attention, you can see practice shots. The way you drive. The way you treat people. Your work ethics, your patience, your empathy. Your love. Your hate.

Every single thing we are meant to do, be or learn in life until the day we die is practice shots of a greater purpose. I know that greater purpose does not involve tailgating, flipping the bird finger, or killing an innocent driver because to those people, getting to point B was more important than being patient.


People will tell you things, say hurtful things and do bad things your whole life. It’s up to you whether you let what people say or do influence who you are meant to be.

After all, any good invention was not perfected the first time. It takes multiple shots to get it right, with each step a learning process of being better than the first.

This is life. Life is full of practice shots. Some of them are bad, some of them are good, but they all have a purpose. Image courtesy of surasakiStock at


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