Burnout doesn’t let you be yourself, but there is ONE step that will

I don’t like steps. I don’t like reading about the many steps you need to do this, or do that. (although I’ll admit I have written an article or two about steps in general). This isn’t one of those articles.  This is a blog. And in blogs I don’t like writing about steps. Instead, I would like to get past all the bull-crap of all the steps crammed down our throats and deal with a BIG problem we have.


Burnout: The suck of all anxieties.

I never thought it was possible to experience this nightmare, but it really is. It isn’t something that comes on all the sudden.

Instead, Burnout is caused by those many annoying steps I hate to form one big massive catastrophe.

It’s kinda like a snowball. (Since Christmas is on the way I thought this would be a great example.) Snowballs are cute. They get bigger because we make them bigger, or by sheer force of nature (per say an avalanche!) They get monstrous to a proportion it is hard to imagine anyone living through that.

Burnout is an avalanche, a series of annoying, tedious stupid steps that compound to make a big disaster. (Image courtesy of Apolonia at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

First, you start off annoyed at work. Then you get sick, start calling in. Then every little thing you do from that point on brings you to the point that you no longer give a care about your job, the customers, or your future with the company or people you work with.

It doesn’t just start with your career. It could be burnout with your church, being a stay at home parent, or just being pulled in too many directions with expectations from family and friends.

I just have ONE Question to answer the Burnout problem. Yes, I said question, because when you ask yourself this question you better make the time to give yourself an honest answer.  



Do you have time to be yourself?

If your answer is no, you have a problem.

You see, the only way to cure yourself of overloading Burnout is to be able to stop what you are doing in life, breathe, and just be yourself.

I thought this picture was a perfect example. Clearly, the photographer is envisioning a person just being themselves. They have a journal ready to be creative, to jot down ideas. Just being themselves.

They have a fresh cup of coffee, relaxing, just being themselves. But most importantly, the person this photographer is envisioning, is taking the time to be themselves. (Image courtesy of blackzheep at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


Can you be yourself? At any point in any given day, can you? Are you allowed to be who you are?

People form complacency at their jobs because of rules and regulations and tedious, annoying crappy steps they have to do like they are robots on an assembly line.

In any case, anything we do on a daily basis can and may eventually give us burnout in life.

It doesn’t matter if it is your job, your church, your kids, your home, whatever.

Burnout is the suck of all frustrations. It sucks the life out of you. Your hopes, dreams, ambitions. It can make you sick.(Image courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


Okay, doing your job is important because you have to make a living. (Don’t go all rogue at your employer just because you realized you are burned out and it is their fault) In that case, if it is your job then you need to make changes for yourself, and the answer is to answer that question: Do you have time to be yourself?

Just realize that it is okay to turn your phone off. To shut the bathroom door. To turn off the television and lock the door and just be yourself.

The world is a crazy, beautiful, emotional place full of opportunities.

But it is too short for us to let burnout control every aspect of who we are just because we can’t be ourselves.

Do you have time to be yourself? That is the first step to the only question I will ask that will solve your burnout frustration, if you can answer it. (Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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