Us Crabby Adults should lighten up and Laugh more, it’s healthy!

Did you know that kids laugh over 200 times more than adults? I bet you didn’t.

Laughter attracts people. It teaches teamwork and promotes group bonding.

Gelotology is id-100378957the study of humor and laughter and its psychological and physiological effects on the human body. For good reasons too because laughter is shown to have beneficial effects on other various biochemistry. It reduces stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. It releases endorphins that can relieve physical pain. (Laughing too hard can cause soreness in your tummy, but that is a good pain.) Come on, feel the burn!

Laughing too hard makes you feel like a flight stewardess or hostess where your face is stuck permanently in that position. Your jaws aching for a break; so you laugh so hard, dealing with the pain and yet, your face is stuck. That is why you see people laughing so hard their mouth no longer moves. It is numb at that point.

Laughter naturally enhances resilience. It boosts our immunity by lowering stress hormones. Don’t you feel better when you laugh? The world seems happier. There is joy in your life. Your life hopes and ambitions come into a new light, giving you a deeper perseverance in your daily living. Laughter relaxes muscles.

If you are in a job where it is against the law (or policy) to smile, laugh, fart, giggle or just plain lighten up, then please pray about it and start searching for a better job. Life is too short to live as if every day you have to suck on rotten prunes, and pretend to be happy.

For more insight on the Scientific evidence of the benefits of laughter, you can Google: The healthy benefits of laughter, or read another one of my articles: 7 Reasons to laugh more and lighten up


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