Serving HOPE through Coffee

id-100372753Did you actually think I wouldn’t write a coffee article on my blog? As if!

Let’s all sing the wondrous praises of this eternal God given blessing knows as: COFFEE.

There is a little square shack that has a view of the Bayside. On the outside, the wood is stripped and dark and looks very bleak.

There are two elongated windows, with stir sticks in stripes of red and white beaming through, beckoning one to draw closer.

A pungent aroma fills the cobblestone street, its thick vibe caressing the air in waves of intrigue. The doorway is narrow, but the room is large.

Inside. a wall-length bar fills one end of the shop, a glass dome saturated with homemade scones, cookies the size of your hand, and other treats that dip well with Coffee.

This is the perfect, quaint Coffee shop. One that beckons you to thrive in. One that calls you from the street.

It permeates your nostrils in the street, screaming: “Come to me! I have Coffee!”

The bar is long, and the stainless steel contraptions behind beam with the beating and grinding of freshly ground Coffee beans.You have a large selection, but it is all a blessing.

It is shops like these that call you in, then pull you out to explore the world with a cup in your hand, meandering side by side with your loved ones and friends.

Coffee brings people closer together. Read more at: April Savage on Hubpages Serving HOPE through One cup of Coffee at a time

Image courtesty of: kapongza at

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